30in30 Challenge

It’s time again – Leslie Saeta is again calling artists to participate in another “30in30 Challenge” during September 2014. The idea is to challenge oneself to paint 30 paintings in 30 days. I have already participated three times (January 2013, September 2013, January 2014). It is always very motivating and encouraging to paint together with so many other artists and share what you painted with each other. This time there are already 800 artists from more than 20 countries who have signed up. The number of participants is growing every time.

The following collages are the paintings hat Leslie Saeta painted during the last challenges.


To participate or not?

I registered when I heard about it but since then had my doubts whether that was a good idea. The thoughts that went through my head:

  • Presently I am on vacation and I was not even sure whether I would have a decent internet connection (it seems to work at the moment).
  • During the last few months I painted a lot but posted very little. So there is a huge backlog of paintings that wait to be presented to you.
  • Recently I was very busy preparing for the next exhibition, and so I felt that I did not need to continue with this kind of stress during my vacation.

I will participate but …

Fortunately there are not fixed rules for the challenge. For most people the main goal is to paint more often. And so I decided to participate along the following guidelines:

  • I will most likely paint smaller paintings, that are not necessarily finished paintings but drafts for bigger paintings. Lately I have painted in larger sizes, mostly 20 x 27.5 inch  and they need of course more time.
  • I want to post not only new ones but also those from the last few months. This means, my main goal is not to paint more often (as for most other participants) but to post more often and reduce the backlog.
  • Since the paintings for my next exhibition are ready, I can now paint just for fun, which is one of the main rules of Leslie anyway.

So, to this effect – let’s get started! I am curious myself, what and how much I will accomplish in September.

If you are an artist too, it is not yet too late to participate. Here you can register.

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