Assuming Positive Intent

This week’s quote is posted one day later. I am glad about it because I found the following neat story only this morning.

It’s the story of a “thoughtlessly scratched out a 30-second card” on Mother’s Day, which was very disappointing; … until the real reason came to light. I only quote a part of the conclusion:

Aidan’s card reminded me of something I learned about relationships from a counselor. Good family relationships are ones where each member assumes positive intent. Assuming positive intent is a relational term that means we don’t automatically jump to negative conclusions about the people in our lives. We give them the benefit of the doubt, even when the evidence might point otherwise.

This reminds me of what I called: “creating space for imperfect attempts of doing new things” in my post on Belonging and Appreciation. Both are an expression of GRACE.

Have a great week and times where you extend and receive grace!

7 thoughts on “Assuming Positive Intent

  1. what a good reminder. i needed this. hey, any chance you can link me to that post on ‘one is taken, the other is left’?

  2. Thanks for a good flurry of healthy posts on good relating, this being just one more in the flurry.

    But flurry is perhaps not the right word. More like steady, refreshing rains.

  3. @ET – Thanks for the flurry of comments. 😉 Not sure, I can keep the rains steady. I had two more classes since but no time to write posts. Maybe this week.

  4. This is so very important. It could save so many hurtful situations resulting from the downward spiral of misunderstandings toppling over misinterpretations.

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