The following paintings are for sale.

These are the paintings that are still waiting for a new home. Each painting has a six-digit catalog number. If you are interested in a painting, click on the preview to see it in full size. Below the painting, you can see additional information – e.g. how big it is and in which medium it was painted.

When you have decided on a painting, please fill out the contact form and send me the six-digit catalog number.

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IMPORTANT: You have to click on the small preview and then you can see the whole painting and the corresponding information.


Paintings on paper

The first category contains unframed paintings on paper, i.e. they have neither matting nor frames. This makes them ideal for shipping. Be sure to check the size nevertheless by clicking on the preview.

This is the largest group and therefore I split it into subgroups

  1. Watercolor (aquarell, gouache, tempera)

  2. Acrylic

  3. Cold wax paintings

  4. All others (pastels, oil, sgraffito, drawings, calligraphy)

Paintings on canvas with stretcher frame

These paintings are painted on gallery canvas (this means that they are stitched on the back). The side edges are carefully painted. This way the painting is ready to hang and does not need an additional frame.


Paintings with matting and protective cover

The following paintings already have a matting and a protective cover, but no frame. Since American standard frames are not the same size as European sizes, you might need to have the matting cut to size. If you want, I can also mail it without the matting.


Paintings with frame and matting

The following paintings are framed and have a matting. When planning, please consider that the frame is approx. 10 cm (4 inches) larger than the actual painting. For example, a 30 x 40 cm painting is in a 50 x 60 cm frame. Most frames are with glass and fairly heavy. If you want, I can mail the painting to you without the frame and with or without the matting.

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