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Poured Acrylics

Anbetungstanz, Erweiterte Acryl-Fließtechnik auf Leinwand, 30 x 40 cm * Worship Dance, Enhanced Acrylic Pouring on Canvas, 12 x 16 in, Danse d'adoration, Art fluide sur châssis, 30 x 40 cm © 2018 by Jutta Blühberger www.juttabluehberger.at
My husband and I loved looking through all of Jutta’s paintings. We were both drawn to the poured acrylics because of the dramatic color as well as the bold, flowing movement. We purchased Worship Dancers because of the abstract and yet poignant feel of the dancers on the canvas. It is easy to get lost in this picture as it transports you to another realm. We purchased Waterfall because of the vibrant color and movement of the water that grabs your attention while at the same time bringing a soothing calm to your soul. The greens and blues and whites of this painting mix for a splendid experience of rushing water.  We are enjoying both of these pictures in the living area of our home. Jutta’s creative gifting brings joy to those who are touched by her artwork. I feel honored to have two of her paintings!
Ron and Carol Vinzant, Pendleton, South Carolina

Vacation in the South

I’ve seen some of Jutta’s artwork on photos. Many paintings in different techniques appealed to me. When I saw the one that now hangs in my living room, it became warm and light in my heart, reminding me deeply of holidays in southern landscapes. It hangs now in an ideal place over a purple couch, perfectly matching in color. I have come to know Jutta as a personality who devotes herself to doing what she does. So I bought two more pictures, which found an ideal place in other rooms. I am very happy with these three pictures.

Dr. Jutta Reiter, Schweiz

Fall Alley


I bought this picture of the “Fall Alley” at Jutta’s exhibition in Bad Schallerbach 2014! 
When I discovered it, I knew immediately that it would fit very well into my dining room. Besides, I liked it right away!
It reminds me somehow of a long tunnel of life and very far in the distance wonderful bright light awaits me! Jesus is the light!

Katharina Lisa

Biotope in the Netherlands

Biotop in Holland

I like to look at the picture with the biotope, the bridge, and the flowers again and again!
It’s a favorite picture of mine because it’s so cheerful and idyllic. It invites you to linger and dream. Jutta was very well affected! Painting is like a piece of paradise…

Katharina Lisa

Pollard Willow


The “Pollard Willow” fits well into this Dutch landscape! Which has a very calming effect on me!
You can literally smell the fresh, spicy air! I like that picture!
Keep it up, Jutta!


Katharina Lisa, Austria

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