Come, dare to trust!

When Peter saw Jesus walking on water, he believed that he could do that too, at least if Jesus gave him the assignment. And that’s how it was. Jesus said, “Come!” and for a short while Peter was able to walk on water. Like Jesus. But when he started looking on the high waves (circumstance), he started to sink.

541206  Glaubensschritt * Step by Faith

I have never walked on real water, but figuratively I have done it very often. In my being “En Route” with Jesus it happened countless times, that Jesus gave me a commission that seemed impossible. In these situations I have experienced time and again, that when I trusted Jesus, the impossible became possible. My task was only to follow the instructions, and let him take care of the results.

Faith for me means every day anew “walking on water”, doing things in dependence on Jesus, that seem impossible to me.


Teach me your way, Lord, that I may rely on your faithfulness; let it be my only worry to trust and obey you. Ps 86:11