“In God’s economy, where ever there is death, there will be life.”

A friend had heard this statement at a conference. As we talked about it, I realized how much this applies to me and the past months.

Yes, there were several major losses in my life recently (death) and I have to grieve them. Maybe the most difficult one was lost time and I am still trying to figure out how to grieve about it. The quote encourages me to be expectant of what good God will bring out of it (new life). I can already see some good things that have come out of the changed schedule I had as a result (being stuck in the capital during the car repairs): new relationships that have the potential for deeper friendships; valuable learning processes in my walk with the Lord (e.g. learning to be more dependent of Him than all kinds of other things, like my ability to accomplish things); opportunities for research that I had not planned for; helpful contacts with people who left the country soon afterward.

(addendum from December)