Today’s quote comes from the book: The Blessing. by Gary Smalley and John T. Trent.

A family blessing begins with meaningful touching, it continues with as spoken message of high value, a message that pictures a special future for the individual being blessed, and one that is based on an active commitment to see the blessing come to pass.

Following this definition, the authors explain the five elements of a blessing:

  • Meaningful touch, such as kissing, hugging, laying of hands, etc
  • Spoken message, which expresses love and acceptance
  • Attaching a “high value” to the one being blessed
  • Picturing a special future for the one being blessed
  • An active commitment to help fulfill the blessing

Each of these elements is then further developed in a separate chapter.

3 thoughts on “Family Blessing

  1. I like having things like that defined. Sometimes words like blessing, anointing, binding, loosing, etc… are not well defined and leave one in question as how to implement them. Thanks for sharing.

  2. @Tara – so true. There are many different definitions, partly because the word “blessing” in the Bible can mean several different things. Add all the different human interpretations …

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