Hopeful Harvest – Gouache Painting

This gouache painting shows a rainbow over fields that are ripe for the harvest. What expresses the hope of a plentiful harvest better than that!

540903 Hoffnungsvolle Ernte * Hopeful Harvest

It reminds me of the promise God gave to Noah:

“As long as the earth lasts,
there will always be a time to plant and a time to gather the crops.
As long as the earth lasts,
there will always be cold and heat.
There will always be summer and winter, day and night.”
(Gen 8:22)

I made the sketch at a highway rest stop on a vacation trip somewhere between Dijon and Paris (France) two years ago and created the painting based on the sketch. It is my first attempt to paint a rainbow and I realized that it is not so easy to do so in a realistic way so that it does not become a symbolic or naive painting. I will certainly try to improve on this another time.

The painting is part of the “30in30 Challenge” initiated by Leslie Saeta. She just mentioned on Facebook that the number of participating artists has already exceeded 1000. Wow! Go here to find the contributions of all the other participant.