Yesterday I found a very interesting reflection on unconditional love.
Here is an excerpt:

” ….
When we love someone without condemnation, by seeing their heart in spite of their behavior, it teaches them that they are valuable and loveable. It marks them as worthy and precious. That window of personhood clearly reveals their heart, who they are, and what they are really about, not only to us who may be looking through the window, but to themselves as well. Nothing touches a person more deeply than not being rejected because of behavior. It brings hope and freedom and a sense of belonging. It brings safety and a place to learn from mistakes instead of dishonesty, hiding and pretending. Honesty and openness are vital criteria for joyful, loving relationships. Separating behavior and personhood make this easier because we do not have to fear rejection when being open, if we know we will be loved unconditionally. We can more easily confess our sins one to another and get healing.