Invitation to the light – Cold Wax painting

Finally, I no longer want to hide the paintings that are now on display at the exhibition in Wels. As it says in the invitation for the opening, they are very personal – they reflect certain mile stones of my personal journey with Jesus, which is a journey of healing from deep hurts to freedom and wholeness.

550103  Licht auf dem Weg * Light on the Path

Come, dare to walk the way with me

God’s light falls on our path and we are challenged to decide, whether we accept the invitation or not. Will we continue on our way, following the others, the masses? Or do we dare to break out? It is a risk since we don’t know what exactly it means to be ‘en route’ with God.

At least that’s how I experienced it: as an 18-year-old atheist, I suddenly realized that God does exist and that I am not in harmony with him. I knew without any human explanation that if I died today, I would not be with God but somewhere else – far away. The light fell onto my way. I stood a the crossing and could not know whether I will get another chance. My thoughts went back and forth. What should I do? This was no longer a question whether God existed. I also understood where I would end up if I continued as before. It was more the questions: what it entailed, what God would expect, what are my motives, would it be an egoistic motive? My reflection did not get me anywhere. My thoughts were quite confused.

In the end, I decided that I could know the answers to my questions unless I tried it out. And so I dared to accept the risk – I invited Jesus to take over the leadership of my life and lead me on this new way to the light – back to God. Since then I am ‘en route’ with Jesus and I have never regretted it.