An interesting quote from “The Celtic way of evangelism : how Christianity can reach the West– again.” by George G. Hunter, 2000.Nashville, TN: Abingdon Press.

Indeed, the fact that Patrick understood the people and their language, their issues, and their ways, serves as the most strategically significant single insight that was to drive the wider expansion of Celtic Christianity, and stands as perhaps our greatest single learning from this move¬ment. There is no shortcut to understanding the people. When you understand the people, you will often know what to say and do, and how. When the people know that the Christians understand them, they infer that maybe the High God understands them too. (p20)

You might not know that, at least I didn’t, that he learned the language and culture while being a slave. He was captured by Celtic pirates and sold into slavery. During this time:

He came to understand the Irish Celtic people, and their language and culture, with the kind of intuitive profundity that is usually possible only, as in Patrick’s case, from the “under­side.” (p14)

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  1. A book about St. Patrick was required reading for us in missions school. It was fascinating considering the hard life that man led. I am challenged every time I think of him.

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