Leonardo Art Academy

In Spring 2013 I discovered the Leonardo Kunstakademie (Leonardo Art Academy) near Salzburg, Austria. Following an introduction afternoon, I decided to register for two classes to test the waters. It did not take me long to realize that their art study is exactly what I needed to fill the gaps that I had as an autodidact.

First Courses at the Leonardo Art Academy

My first course was about painting informalist pastels. Informalism means that the sujet is not derived from any objects. The instructor was Elfriede Kotrba, the administrator of the Leonardo Kunstakademie. Just after the first day I felt that I had learned so much in one day, that the course had already paid off.

My second course was with the leader of the Leonardo Kunstakademie, Prof. Hannes Baier. The course topic was the painting styles of  J.M.W. Turner and Emil Nolde. Both painted with watercolors and it was fascinating to learn more about their different techniques.

Art Study Program (2013-2015)

In September 2013 I started this study program, which consists of 10 intensive courses of each 3 to 5 days distributed over two years. In between these classes we have plenty of assignments that are then critiqued during the following class. Since each block course has a different topic, I will dedicate separate blog entries for each.

(Over time I will add the links to the different blog entries.)

Mandatory Classes:

Basic Course 1 – focus on drawing techniques, perspective, shading

Basic Course 1 Homework

Basic Course 2 – focus on watercolor (Aquarell), ink, color composition, color mixing, glazing

Basic Course 2 Homework

Advanced Course 1 – focus on acrylics, tempera, gouache, oil paint

Advanced Course 1 Homework

Advanced Course 2 – focus on depicting the human figure and portraits

Advanced Course 2 Homework

Advanced Course 3 – focus on conceptual painting

Advanced Course 3 Homework

Advanced Course 4 – focus on the final exam painting


Elective Classes:

Large-scale paintings and their potential

Surrealism and Magic Realism

Painting techniques of Feininger and Kandinsky

Impressionism and Expressionism

Painting techniques of Schiele, Morandi, Modigliani, and Cezanne

The modern portrait in various techniques

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