Liberation Dance – Acrylic & Oil Painting

This mixed media painting is part of the series “Dance of the Trees”. It shows a tree which is half tree, half dancer emerging from the tree trunk. Some of the branches still try to hold onto the dancer. The facial expression is patterned after Edvard Munch‘s “The Scream“. The background has the color palette of a beautiful sunrise. Maybe this means it is the morning of a new and liberated life?

The background is painted with acrylic paint, while the tree and the dancer are painted with oil paint.

540703  Befreiungstanz * Liberation

This painting is presently on display at the Atrium, Bad Schallerbach, Upper Austria, and is for sale after the exhibition (at the end of October). Contact me if you are interested in buying the original. If you want to buy canvas prints, posters and greeting cards, go here.