Life and Death – Acrylic Painting

This acrylic painting is much larger than all my previous paintings – it is 120 x 100 cm (48 x 40 in). I did it during a LKS class on large-scale paintings. Even transporting the big (deep edge) canvas was a challenge. We learned a lot of what needs to be considered when painting this large.

My painting shows the contrast between death and life. The middle part shows the “Tree of Life” illuminating the scene like a sun, a river in flowing past it to the foreground, green meadows. At the border to the sections that symbolize death, there are trees that are in part full of leaves and part bare of any life, with dry leaves under the tree, the stream becomes a dry river bed, filled with stones, the meadows turn into dry ground, and the human being turns into a skeleton.

This painting is presently exhibited in Bad Schallerbach, Upper Austria. After the exhibition, it will be for sale. Please contact me here if you are interested. You can buy canvas prints, posters and greeting cards here.

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