LKS Advanced Course 4.

At the beginning of July, we have arrived at the last compulsory course of our art study. And with the need to paint our final examination painting which we awaited with trepidation.

Teaching Subjects

The subjects of the course included the last sections of art history, material knowledge, and painting techniques, as well as the painting of our examination piece.

After taking time to review and evaluate our homework and receiving the professor’s feedback on them on the first day, we were told the topics for the examination piece to choose from.

Topics for the examination painting:

  • The manipulated human
  • Paths of Life
  • Youth and Old Age

And then we dove into the work. After having done several sketches and developed different ideas, we discussed them with Prof. Baier. To my own surprise and delight, I was able to finish my first piece until the evening of the second course day. This helped me to be more relaxed the remaining days, while working on two further paintings. The first two paintings pictured “The manipulated Human” and the third one, “Youth and Old Age” (life perspectives).

All three of them are painted with Acrylic paint on canvas, 40 x 32 in (100 x 80 cm).

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