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The following gallery shows my portfolio. The projects presented below give an overview of the paintings that were already on display in an exhibition. There are also projects showing the paintings of complete series, even if they had not been included in an exhibition. These projects rarely contain the very latest paintings, which you can find on the Recent Works page

My Portfolio

Exhibitions and other series

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Unterwegs mit Immanuel Ausstellung 2015

En Route – Exhibition 2015

En Route – Exhibition 2015 This Exhibition 2015 was my first group exhibition. It took place in the Nöfa Gallery in Wels, Upper Austria. The other participants were Marten Berger, Bernd Friedmann, Judith Lanz, Anna Mayer, Jochen Mayer, Solomon Okpurukhre, Beate Riepl, and Fritz Wolf. On the way with Immanuel Our theme was “On the Way” […]

Tanz der Bäume Ausstellung 2014

Dance of Trees – Exhibitions 2014

Dance of Trees – Exhibitions 2014. These exhibitions 2014 had the theme of “Dance of Trees – standing firm and yet moved”. My aim was partly to give a homage to our co-creatures – the trees – picturing them in various stages of moved-ness. Also, it was a combination of two central themes in my life […]

In 30 Bilder um die Erde Ausstellung 2013

Watercolor Landscapes – Exhibition 2013

“In 30 paintings around the world” and other watercolor landscapes. The exhibition 2013 with the title “In 30 paintings around the world” showed mostly watercolor landscapes sized 16 x 12″. They included landscapes from China to Hawaii. Here you can see these 30 paintings together with all other watercolor landscapes, which were created before or after the […]

Bilder aus 3 Welten Einladung 2011

Paintings from three Worlds – Exhibition 2011

Paintings from Three Worlds – Exhibition 2011. My exhibition in 2011 was entitled “Paintings from Three Worlds – African, European, Spiritual Paintings in Watercolour and Pastel”. It was my first solo exhibition, which opened with a so-called “Vernissage” on October 14, 2011. Hermione Mospointner, head of the district, had the patronage. Unfortunately, she was unable […]

Erste Jahre

Early Works

My Early Works. “Early Works” refers to the period from 1998, the year my inner artist awakened. At that time my dream finally came true and I found an opportunity to attend a watercolor painting course. Due to my work in Africa and the frequent journeys, this was not possible before. The course was held […]