En Route – Exhibition 2015

This Exhibition 2015 was my first group exhibition. It took place in the Nöfa Gallery in Wels, Upper Austria. The other participants were Marten Berger, Bernd Friedmann, Judith Lanz, Anna Mayer, Jochen Mayer, Solomon Okpurukhre, Beate Riepl, and Fritz Wolf.

On the way with Immanuel

Our theme was “On the Way” or “En Route” and my sub-topic was “On the way with Immanuel”. The eight paintings which I contributed were all based on personal experiences. That’s why they were accompanied by a longer text accompanying, telling the background story of each painting. You can read these stories in the corresponding blog posts. 

The paintings were all painted in the same technique – cold wax painting – and constituted the beginning of a new series.


To be continued – but later than planned

Originally I wanted to extend this series to 30 pictures during the course of the same year, but life happened. Different circumstances made it impossible and so it took more than two years before I painted further pictures for this series but in a different technique. (For the same reasons, this portfolio entry is only now being created, in 2017).

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