“In 30 paintings around the world” and other watercolor landscapes.

The exhibition 2013 with the title “In 30 paintings around the world” showed mostly watercolor landscapes sized 16 x 12″. They included landscapes from China to Hawaii. Here you can see these 30 paintings together with all other watercolor landscapes, which were created before or after the exhibition.  

I started this series of watercolor landscapes in August 2013 during a vacation in the Netherlands. Even before the exhibition, several paintings were sold. Others were created after the exhibition was over. I painted some of the landscape during my time at the art academy and the last one was done in 2016. Nearly all paintings are sized 12 x 16 ” and were painted on high-quality watercolor paper. It was my first longer series. Meanwhile, it includes over 50 paintings.

In 30 paintings around the world

My original goal was to paint 12 Dutch landscapes, in order to produce a calendar with them. Later landscapes from other countries and continents were added, from China to Hawaii. This led to the exhibition title “In 30 paintings around the world.” Most of them are plein-air paintings or based on my own photographs. A few were based on other people’s vacation pictures.

[When you click on the preview, a slideshow or lightbox opens with larger views of the paintings.]


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