For this week I want to share a few quotes from Brother Lawrence (c 1614 – 1691) with you.

I walk before God simply, in faith, with humility and with love; and I apply myself diligently to do nothing and think nothing which may displease Him … and this without any other view than purely for the love of Him, and because He deserves infinitely more.

In continuing the practice of conversing with God throughout each day, and quickly seeking His forgiveness when I fell or strayed, His presence has become as easy and natural to me now as it once was difficult to attain.
The most excellent method of going to God is that of doing our common business without any view of pleasing people but purely for the love of God.

(found on Practice God’s

Brother Lawrence became known for “practicing God’s presence.” His letters and conversations were later published in “Practicing His Presence” which can be downloaded from

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  1. I went on amazon and read an excerpt, then I went and downloaded it, as it looks really good. Thanks for sharing. I have a feeling I am going to get a lot from this book!

  2. @Tara – 🙂 Looking forward to hear what you learned from it.
    @Angie – thanks for alerting me to the comment that got eaten. I found another one. I usually don’t check my spam folder. They should be back where they belong.

  3. These are some good quotes.

    (P.S. – I think my comment on the previous post got eaten by the spam monster because of the link I included. Oops.)

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