Safe in God’s Hand – Cold Wax Painting

Pictures or sculptures, where a baby lies in a large hand have always touched me deeply and triggered a strong longing. I longed for this safety in God’s hand but thought somewhat subconsciously that there might not be enough room for tall people like me.


Come, let go of yourself and relax in my hand!

If we have met, you know that I am fairly tall (5′ 11″ / 1.80 m). As a result, it happens quite often, that when I am in a group and I look around, I notice that the majority of people present is smaller than I am. On the other hand, it doesn’t happen very often that others perceive me as weak or needy, and feel led to help me or put their arms around my shoulder to comfort me. Although I need this as much as most other people.

This impression I projected onto God and subconsciously had the idea that I have to always be strong, because God is busy comforting small and delicate people.

Some of you might know these sculptures where a baby lies in God’s hand, or a child puts his head in a protective hand. They have often triggered a lot of longing in me, because I somehow thought that there is not enough room in such a hand for tall people like me. Until one day God gave me this inner impression that showed me that there is certainly enough room – even for tall people like me.


And I have put my words in your mouth and covered you in the shadow of my hand. Is 51:16