This painting of San Gimignano, Italy, is based on the favorite photo of friends. Roland provided the following story with it:

My wife and I have undertaken several short trips for our wedding anniversary. For our Silver Wedding (25th anniversary) we had planned to spend a week in the Toscana. This would have been in September 2011.

However, my wife started to work again in this very month and therefore the trip had to wait for another year. Or to be exact, a year and three days.

The trip was fairly difficult but eventually we arrived just in time to take our dinner at the main square of San Gimignano (which was only 5 Kilometer from our hotel). After our dinner we took this picture on the town wall.

Wow – a truly memorable day! The day is nearly over and very little daylight remains in the sky. Two towers reach into the nearly night sky. In the foreground most is already in darkness but two round lamps illuminate several interesting details – the walls of houses, a staircase, a tree, and a balcony, probably with ironwork banister. The display of light and shadows makes for a very interesting picture.

530916 San Gimignano, Italien