Quotes from the final chapter of „The Bible or historical criticism of the Bible? Which is credible?” by Eta Linnemann (in German 2007, my translation):

When I studied under Rudolf Bultmann at that time, he made it clear to us that we had to work according to the New Testament science, irrespective of our personal faith, “ut si Deus non daretur“, as if God did not exist. … The evangelicals who thump scientific recognition because they use the same “methods” are not aware that this is the basic assumption. … A living faith in God’s revelation and in his Word, and a “scientific” theology, which works “as if God did not exist” exclude each other. This balance act cannot succeed. … (After my conversion) I recognized that the atheistic theology and the treatment of the Bible which did not accept it as God’s revelation, was equally sin and I brought them under the cross. …

Prof. Dr. Eta Linnemann was specialist in Bible criticism. Her first book was a benchmark of historical-critical theology. After her conversion in 1978 she distroyed these books.

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  1. That’s a great book. I love N.T. Wright. I have already blogged a few times about him. (see tags)

  2. Thanks for sharing, see N.T Wright’s Jesus and the Victory of God for a thorough critique for Bultmann (among others). Highly recommended. 🙂


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