Climb high
Enjoy the freedom
and endless vastness.

Open the wings
Float in the blue sky
Carried by the wind
as your friend.

Unfold yourself wide
Once again flourish
Rejoice in life
that’s given to you.

Let yourself be carried
On the wings of the eagle
During your next stage
on the way to the goal.

The evening is approaching
The strength is waning
But the eternal Father
lovingly carries you home.


571011 Soar * Schwinge dich auf

The poem was written on the occasion of the retirement and 70th birthday of a dear friend, inspired by Willow Tree‘s figure “Soar”. The picture was made later.

Both the figure and the picture symbolize for me a release for something new. The original reason was the knowledge that even at the age of 70, my friend will not simply fall into a state of inactivity, but will now use the time for a new, last period of flourishing of the God-given gifts and possibilities. But this is not only true for my friend or others on the verge of retirement. There is potential in all of us and we are challenged to unfold the possibilities that lie within us, just like a butterfly that has just hatched out of its cocoon and is unfolding its wings. Gradually the full size of its wings becomes visible.

The bird in the picture and in the figurine is encouraged to fly away by raising the hands. Sometimes we need such “midwives”. They remind me of some bird species that push their hesitant offspring out of the nest or unobtrusively deprive them of their direct support when flying. The fledglings have to overcome their hesitation and flap their own wings. And so we too must fly ourselves or we will be sucked into the comfort of the status quo.

Therefore, you too – Soar – to new adventures – and open your wings wide!