I prefer a definition of spirituality that takes into account both the intrinsic love of God for a fallen humanity and a human nature that is called and empowered to grow in the image of God. Being “dead in trespasses and sin” does not mean that there is not a restlessness within (of God’s implantation) that only God can satisfy. However, it takes many of us an inordinate length of time, much groping and countless dead ends before we realize that we have been fleeing from a pursuing God who wills only our good, but who can give us that “good” only as we die to “good,” as we customarily define it. So we both hunger for God and flee from God. We remain restless until we find peace with God, yet typically we seek that peace by means of idols of our own devising.

~ Allan H. Sager, in Gospel-Centered Spirituality