Support Artists during Lockdown.

Due to the Corona crisis many artists have lost all income, and therefore Artmajeur started an artist support pledge during Corona times. This campaign has been running now for a few weeks and almost 10,000 works have already been posted.

How does it work? 

Artmajeur explains it like this:

The concept:

  • Artists post works for sale at 200 USD/EUR/GBP maximum
  • The works can be identified on all social networks with the hashtag #artistsupportpledge
  • When an artist has sold for more than 1000USD/EUR/GBP, they too undertake to buy a work from another artist!
  • Artmajeur secures all transactions carried out as part of the campaign free of charge, by offering its sales commission

How to find artworks to buy?



My Contribution

I am also participating in this campaign and have lowered the price of several artworks below 200 EUR and marked them with #artistsupportpledge

Unfortunately you can’t filter them out in my own shop, but if you go to the Artist Support Feed and limit the selection to paintings from Austria, you’ll see almost only my lowered paintings. Apart from me, only two other artists from Austria have participated. 

Super Idea & Super Opportunity

This action is a great idea to support artists who have lost their income due to the Corona crisis. This also applies to me. Three or four of my exhibitions were cancelled due to the lockdown. It is still uncertain whether one of them will take place in June, at least to a limited extent, and whether two others will be held in fall. The fourth exhibition was planned in Italy and therefore depends on the opening of the borders.

Not only have I sold practically no works without these exhibitions. I had also reserved several art calendars 2020 for the sale during the exhibitions. This income is also lost and I can only give the calendars away as gifts. 

For my clients and friends it is also a great opportunity to buy my works at a reduced price and at the same time to support me as an artist.

In addition, it is a kind of snowball system – the artists who have sold something pledge themselves to buy the work of another artist on Artmajeur. I observed this mutual help in many areas during the Corona crisis. For me, it is one of the positive developments of recent times and I hope that even after the crisis some of it will remain and become part of a “new normality”. 

Artmajeur Shop

My shop has been on now for almost a year and I am very satisfied so far. The website allows my customers to choose almost any language and currency they want. The displayed price now includes the shipping costs.

In addition, the website allows you to buy art prints and licenses. 

Studio Reopening

By the way, it is now possible to visit me in my studio again after making an appointment by phone. Please observe the regulations: Don’t forget to use a mouth-nose protection. Only two people can come in at the same time.

All studio visitors receive an art calendar 2020 free of charge.  

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