This is now the first painting based on the favorite vacation photo of a friend. Sabine is Swiss and she wrote:

This photo was made during a hike near Grächen in Wallis. It shows me during a well-earned lunch break. We found this lookout and relaxation bank by accident after a the very steep ascent from Hannigalp to Furggen.

Indeed a well-earned rest in a beautiful setting, with snow-covered mountains in the back.

530905  Schweizer Berge * Swiss Mountains

In case you missed the original announcement: everybody is invited to participate indirectly in the 30in30 challenge by sending me your favorite vacation pic. When your pic is chosen, I will send you a digital picture of the painting when it is done and then you have 12 hours to use your preemption right. You are not obliged to buy it but I want to give you the option! After that, it will be posted for sale for everybody.