Sit With Me – Cold Wax Painting

Sit With Me – Cold Wax Painting

Come, sit with me! The worship time during this service was organized similar to the pilgrimage toward Jerusalem, where pilgrims would start out with lively  praise songs on their way. But when we entered the temple and God's holy presence, their songs became... Weiterlesen

God’s Acceptance

God's Acceptance Why do so many enjoy striving for God's acceptance, even after he went to such lengths to prove it was already ours? Perhaps they feel more secure if they think they can control the relationship. Perhaps they're afraid... Weiterlesen

Of course! What else?

Last week I got another interesting insight while reading “He loves me!” by Wayne Jacobsen. The story where Jesus talked to the "businessman" (Lk 18:18ff) - who had asked him what he must do to inherit eternal life, and who... Weiterlesen

How to love imperfect people

Yesterday I found a very interesting reflection on unconditional love. Here is an excerpt: " .... When we love someone without condemnation, by seeing their heart in spite of their behavior, it teaches them that they are valuable and loveable.... Weiterlesen