Transforming Worldviews – Book Review

Transforming Worldviews I wrote the following book review for the The Cultural Mandate blog: Paul G. Hiebert (1933-2007) was a pastor and missionary in India, and later professor of missiology and anthropology at Fuller and Trinity, authored many articles and... Weiterlesen

Doing or being

This week's topic on Coffeegirl confessions was on "Being vs. doing." Coffeegirl quoted Thomas Merton saying: We are so obsessed with doing that we have no time and no imagination left for being. As a result, men are valued not... Weiterlesen

Scientific Theology

Quotes from the final chapter of „The Bible or historical criticism of the Bible? Which is credible?” by Eta Linnemann (in German 2007, my translation): When I studied under Rudolf Bultmann at that time, he made it clear to us... Weiterlesen


N.T. Wright recently visited Pasadena, CA and spoke on the topic of  Learning the Language of Life - meaning Virtue.  He compared virtue to language learning, a language that none of us speaks as a mother tongue. Here are a... Weiterlesen


This week I read "Foolishness to the Greeks" by Lesslie Newbigin for the upcoming class. It gave me lots to think. Here are a few remarkable quotes: Islam denies the Christian doctrine of original sin and therefore believes that it... Weiterlesen

The Incredible Father

The Incredible Father The Parable of the Incredible Father (Luke 15) The father was not manipulating the son by anything he did. He was only loving the son at the deepest possible level. That love explains why he let him... Weiterlesen

Seeing is believing

I am presently reading "Seeing is believing" by Gregory A. Boyd (2004). He's got an interesting point about the importance of picturing spiritual realities with our inner eyes. In my twenty-three years as a pastor I found that the primary... Weiterlesen

Missional churches

I was very fascinated to read on Tim's blog about the “The Nine Essential Practices of Missional Churches.” I have just finished reading "God's missionary people" by Van Engen, and so this was an interesting parallel which I hope to... Weiterlesen


May all my ways not miss the first goal, God. May all my ways arrive where I am needed. Irish Blessings from "Wenn sich Stunden mit Leben füllen" by Hermann Multhaupt.


This morning during my Bible reading, my thoughts drifted off to a quote from C.S. Lewis that I had read recently: "Humility is not thinking less of yourself; it is thinking of yourself less." (quoted in The advent of humility)... Weiterlesen

Rapture or not?

A few years ago I was introduced to N.T. Wright. His book "Jesus and the Victory of God" with its 741 pages is a challenge to read, but I found it very interesting. Some of his insights into the original... Weiterlesen

Eyes to See

Eyes to See An African proverb says: "The eyes of the foreigner are big but he does not see a thing." It's so true - you have to learn to see things in another culture. Otherwise you can look straight... Weiterlesen

Culture change

Books & Culture brought an interesting book review of "The Art of Public Grovel": Confession Run Amok - How to look like you're taking responsibility while you're actually asking for sympathy "The confession of sin and the confession of faith... Weiterlesen

God’s Acceptance

God's Acceptance Why do so many enjoy striving for God's acceptance, even after he went to such lengths to prove it was already ours? Perhaps they feel more secure if they think they can control the relationship. Perhaps they're afraid... Weiterlesen

Of course! What else?

Last week I got another interesting insight while reading “He loves me!” by Wayne Jacobsen. The story where Jesus talked to the "businessman" (Lk 18:18ff) - who had asked him what he must do to inherit eternal life, and who... Weiterlesen