Grace is a dynamic force that does more than affect our standing with God by crediting us with righteousness, Grace affects our experience as well ... Grace is a way of life. ~Larry Richards * Your worst days are never... Weiterlesen

Grace is a Gift

Grace is offensive because she is willing to be abused. Cheap Grace, they call her. But still she comes. Insurance policy salvation is still salvation, it’s just a pathetically impoverished way to live with Grace. There’s so much more she’d... Weiterlesen


Faith is not opposed to knowledge; it is opposed to sight. And grace is not opposed to effort; it is opposed to earning. Commitment is not sustained by confusion but by insight. The person who is uninformed or confused will... Weiterlesen

Assuming Positive Intent

Assuming Positive Intent This week's quote is posted one day later. I am glad about it because I found the following neat story only this morning. It's the story of a "thoughtlessly scratched out a 30-second card" on Mother's Day,... Weiterlesen

God’s Acceptance

God's Acceptance Why do so many enjoy striving for God's acceptance, even after he went to such lengths to prove it was already ours? Perhaps they feel more secure if they think they can control the relationship. Perhaps they're afraid... Weiterlesen

Of course! What else?

Last week I got another interesting insight while reading “He loves me!” by Wayne Jacobsen. The story where Jesus talked to the "businessman" (Lk 18:18ff) - who had asked him what he must do to inherit eternal life, and who... Weiterlesen

God is at work

For quite some time I wanted to give you an update but could not find the energy to do it. God is at work for which I am truly thankful. Two weeks ago we had our annual women’s retreat and... Weiterlesen