Complex Communication

Cross-cultural communication can be very tricky. Especially when people from indirect cultures communicate with people from direct cultures, and vice versa. The potential for misunderstandings is huge. This was one of the topics I taught this week. Craig Storti uses... Weiterlesen

Does God still speak today?

In one of our last Bible studies we discussed another chapter of Tozer’s “The Pursuit of God.“ It was on the spoken word of God. We read a whole series of verses about God's word and suddenly I realized that... Weiterlesen

Deeply De-Christian Doctrines (meme)

Joe started an interesting meme: Evangelist Changing: 5 Deeply De-Christian Doctrines Meme which I discovered through Eddie's blog  Deeply De-Christianised Doctrines « Kouya Chronicle Peter Kirk has tagged me with a meme that states: list 5 doctrines that are taught... Weiterlesen

You are there

In yesterday's Bible study group, we discussed another chapter of Tozer's "The Pursuit of God". It was on God's omnipresence. Among other things, we read Psalm 139:7-10 and were then encouraged to rewrite the verses with those places where we... Weiterlesen

What did you learn today?

So, what did you learn today? (or the last few days) Here is what I learned last week: I spent the second half of last week in San Diego at a conference of the NAES, National Association of Ethnic Studies.... Weiterlesen

Sharing a meal

This is one of my favorite memories from my time in CAR (Central African Republic). I wrote it for Pictures, Poetry & Prose when the theme was "Sharing a meal". I forgot to check back and discovered only now that... Weiterlesen

Questions from Ecclesiates 2

Here is another interesting quote from the "Quester" - as Eugene Peterson calls the writer of Ecclesiastes (explained in another post): 24 So I decided there is nothing better than to enjoy food and drink and to find satisfaction in... Weiterlesen

Fast changes

This week and the next I am in an intensive class. One day this week the professor pointed out how many things have changed in society within the last 50 years, and how the rate of change has become shorter.... Weiterlesen

Questions from Ecclesiates

Here I have something for you to chew on this week from Ecclesiastes. Eugene Peterson calls the author "the Quester" and writes in the introduction of The Message: "Ecclesiastes" is a Greek word that is usually translated "the preacher" or... Weiterlesen


This week I read "Foolishness to the Greeks" by Lesslie Newbigin for the upcoming class. It gave me lots to think. Here are a few remarkable quotes: Islam denies the Christian doctrine of original sin and therefore believes that it... Weiterlesen

Seeing is believing

I am presently reading "Seeing is believing" by Gregory A. Boyd (2004). He's got an interesting point about the importance of picturing spiritual realities with our inner eyes. In my twenty-three years as a pastor I found that the primary... Weiterlesen

New Year’s resolutions #3

Now I really need to make my promise true and share what are my "New Year's resolutions" before January is half over.  Even though I would normally not call them such. As I have mentioned in my last post about... Weiterlesen

New Year’s Resolutions #2

Every since Coffeegirl wrote about New Year's resolutions I kept thinking about it. I commented on her blog: "I am one of those who don't do New Year's resolutions. I am more likely to do resolutions some time during the... Weiterlesen