Steps of Faith in a Storm – Poem

Steps of Faith in a Storm – Poem

Steps of Faith in a Storm - Poem I wrote the poem "Steps of Faith in a Storm" in a very difficult time, when people whom I trusted harassed and hurt me deeply. It's my first attempt of translating a German poem... Weiterlesen
Dare to Trust – Cold Wax Painting

Dare to Trust – Cold Wax Painting

Come, dare to trust! When Peter saw Jesus walking on water, he believed that he could do that too, at least if Jesus gave him the assignment. And that's how it was. Jesus said, "Come!" and for a short while... Weiterlesen

Standing under the Cross

Standing Under the Cross Standing erect, holding our heads high, is the attitude of spiritually mature people in face of the calamities of our world. The facts of everyday life are a rich source for doomsday thinking and feeling. But... Weiterlesen

An enabler asks for help

An Enabler Asks for Help Someone I love is buried beneath fear and paralysis. She has forgotten how gloriously You made her. And I seem to have forgotten that Your love for her far exceeds my limited version. Forgive me... Weiterlesen

Good or evil?

Good or evil? The following quotes are part of the conversation in “The Shack“ (pp 134-136) that I intentionally left out in my last post. God explains there to Mac why our parameters for deciding what is good and what... Weiterlesen


Since waiting on the Lord is my present "job description" I found the following quote helpful and encouraging: "While waiting upon God we should continue to gather good data, seek godly counsel, and even begin to take action. God often... Weiterlesen

Death vs. Life

"In God's economy, where ever there is death, there will be life." A friend had heard this statement at a conference. As we talked about it, I realized how much this applies to me and the past months. Yes, there... Weiterlesen