Tree Explosion – Acrylic Painting

This painting has been through a lot of revisions. During one of my art classes, I tried to apply a new technique but missed one small detail. So, things did not work out as planned and I had to keep working with what I had.

Nevertheless, I am quite happy with the result. A tree that resembles an explosion or fireworks, flying towards the sky, thriving outward with force in light and dark shades, with intermittent notions of purple fruits. with a beautiful sunset in the background. I really like the color combination in the background – the green meadow, the different nuances of yellow reminding me of beautiful sunsets and the nuances of blue in the sky.

540712  Baum Explosion * Tree Explosion




upward we go



with force we fly

do we know where to?



beauty of the moment

that’s what counts.


You can buy art prints, posters and greeting cards here. The original will be available for sale after the next exhibition.

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