Called to Freedom (2017 – 2018).

In keeping with the theme of a seminar that took place for the first time in Breitenaich in 2015, I chose the theme “Called to Freedom” for the latest permanent exhibition in the seminar room of the Christian Family Ministry (CFA) in Breitenaich, Scharten, Upper Austria.

In 2012 I started to decorate the walls of the seminar room with my artwork. Mostly I used the remaining paintings of the previous exhibition year. The seminar room was located in an unfinished part of the center of CFA, which originally was a farm house. 

In 2015 the first seminar with the Swiss Gerhard Quiring took place under the title “Freedom in Christ”. In the following years the seminar was repeated due to great demand.

In keeping with this theme, I selected various artworks created from the years 2010-2015, and supplemented the normal title with biblical statements or other quotations, which should encourage the viewer to live out this freedom in Christ in a practical way. 

25% of the proceeds from the sale of the paintings went to the ministry of CFA.

The paintings were exhibited in the seminar room until Easter 2018 and were replaced by the art flea market in preparation for my move to Strobl.

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