Photo Galleries.

There are many photo galleries on this website that allow you to browse my artworks. On this page I link to the most important ones.

Below you can find links to the most important series and exhibitions. They are each on their own page. Then I present some of my painting media and techniques. This is not about completeness, but about the less known media and techniques I use. Follow the links to the individual pages.

If you are interested in purchasing one of my paintings, you can request a catalog of available artworks (either through the contact form or per mail). You can also check out my page on Artmajeur. There you will find more detailed photos and information about the individual paintings. This is where you can also obtain art prints and licences.

Series and Exhibitions 

The page linked here gives you an overview of all notable series from the beginning. If you want to know more about a series, click on the continuative link under each short description. There you will finde the photo galleries of each series. (Read more)

Media & Techniques

Since I use several rather little-known media and techniques, I link here the corresponding pages where you can learn more about them.

Wachssalbe aus verschiedenen Quellen

Wax Medium

Wax ointment is my most common painting medium. I have always enjoyed painting with pigments and found the perfect painting medium for this in the wax ointment. The combination of pigments and wax ointment gives an incredible luminosity that fascinated me from the beginning. (Read more)

Strukturbilder Marmormehlstruktur im Trocknungsprozess

Textured Paintings

In the fall of 2020 I began to paint so-called material or textured paintings. Basic design element is always a structure – mostly from marble powder, sometimes also adhesive plaster gypsum and / or Intonaco from marsh lime. Thus, the paintings are usually very plastic, bordering on sculpture. On top of this, various layers of paint are applied with different media. (Read more)

handgeschöpfte Papiere von Wolfgang Stadler

Handmade Papers

Handmade papers are the basis of all the paintings in my latest series “Weak & Strong”. I have always been interested in papers and since the beginning of last year I have been working intensively with handmade papers. (Read more)

Painting with Pigments

Very early in my art studies I discovered pigments. These are those colored substances that are the basis of all paints. Depending on the manufacturer, however, they are stretched with more or less fillers and thus lose their intensity. So I began to learn to make my own paints or to apply pure pigment. Soon I realized that there are also big differences in quality. Today I buy my pigments almost exclusively from Kremer Pigments in Germany. (A page about pigments is still in work).

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Pigments from Kremer Pigmente

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