LKS Advanced Course 3 Homework.

As usual, after every compulsory course, we received a list of assignments to be painted at home until the next compulsory course. On the first day of the next course the leader of the academy, Prof. Hannes Baier, would take the time to evaluate and critique our paintings in details.


This time we received the following assignments:

  • 1 Group of houses in a landscape
  • 3 Figural paintings with different techniques
  • 2 Portraits in color
  • 3 Concept paintings about abstract topics
  • 2 Sgraffito paintings

Topics to choose from.

For the concept paintings we had the following topics to choose from:

  • I and the Other
  • Today and Tomorrow
  • Lost Childhood

For the concept paintings I decided to do two versions of “Lost Childhood” – an African version and a European version, and one painting about the topic “I and the Other – our paths cross and part”.

For the Sgraffito paintings, I chose two African motives – women who carry calabashes on their heads. Calabashes are made from the shells of a gourd. They are used for transporting milk and rice and many other things, and in the kitchen, they search as serving and mixing bowls.

These were the last homework assignments for the Basic Art Study Course in Painting and Graphics at Leonardo Art Academy Salzburg.

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