Splashes of Color in a Drab World


Jutta Blühberger is a visual artist, cultural anthropologist, author and translator from Vienna. After many years abroad, she lives in the province of Salzburg. 

Already in her youth, there were signs of her artistic talent. But only after a long hiatus, she began to work artistically again in 1998. In the first fifteen years, she mostly painted watercolor paintings. Since then she has constantly developed her artistic skills and forms of expression. Her studies at the Leonardo Art Academy in Salzburg and the Art Academy in Kolbermoor contributed to it. 

Her artistic focus is painting with pigments and wax medium. This relatively unknown but ancient technique is called cold wax painting. This should not be confused with the “hot” version of wax painting or encaustics. Her colorful paintings with remarkable color harmony are splashes of color that light up every room and do the soul good.  Spiritual themes in her paintings and blog entries give you food for thought. Her works are part of private collections on several continents.



My most frequent painting media and techniques

Colorful paintings that brighten up everyday life

Do you also need a splash of color in everyday life from time to time? Sometimes the intervals between vacations seem too long. And if the sun is not visible for several days (or even weeks), we need these splashes of color even more. 

My paintings offer you the possibility to bring such splashes of color to your home or office. They will bring inspiration and a fresh breath in the middle of everyday life.

Vacation feelings and the beauty of nature

I am always deeply touched when the sun is reflected on a surface of water or its rays filter through clouds or the leaves of trees. Such scenes do me good in my heart and soul. Do you feel the same way?

I enjoy the vastness and the infinity of the horizon when I look at the sea. I experience a sunset like a breath of fresh air in my soul. And ever so often I get inspired by the beauty of nature and paint landscapes, especially lakes and seascapes. I love them and find them deeply inspiring. These can be found especially in the series called Horizons, which I have painted in 2018 – 2020. Some paintings from these series are still available. If you would like to own one of these paintings, simply fill out the contact form. 

In addition, I am connected on a deep level to nature, which is sometimes expressed in surrealistic representations, such as dancing trees. My love for nature is reflected in various recurring elements, such as, water and surfaces of water, light and reflections of light, clouds and paths, ways that invite to mystical walks and landscapes that invite to dream of vacation. With my paintings, you can bring a piece of vacation feeling to your home or office. 

Textured Paintings

My latest series are textured paintings made from marble dust and pigments.

These are material or textured paintings. The basic design element is always a structure – for example, from marble dust. As a result, the paintings are usually very plastic, bordering on sculpture. Various layers are applied to this with different media. An essential part of the design are colors, which are made from pigments by myself. These are mixed with various binders, such as tempera, casein and oil. In addition, I have used ink, stain, wax, glassine and pastels.


Recent series

Interested in a colorful painting for your home?

Just call me at +43 (660) 6292036 or send me a message:

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Or you can visit my Shop on Artmajeur. There you can order my original artwork, fine art prints, or digital files. If you have any questions, just call me or use the contact form.

Is there a special holiday memory or a favorite picture that you would like to hang up at home as a painting?Then I can offer you to do it as a commissioned work. Do you like one of my paintings that have already been sold? Each painting is unique, but if I know what you particularly like about this painting, I can offer you a similar painting as a commissioned work.

Are you interested in paintings that bring splashes of color to your home or office? 

Call me at  +43 (660) 6292036 or fill out the contact form. Or visit my Shop on Artmajeur.

Paintings that have already been in an exhibition are usually equipped with passe-partout and a simple frame. Other paintings that have never been part of an exhibition are mostly stored unframed in my studio. Depending on your wishes, you can take a painting without the existing frame. Or I can add matting and frame to any unframed painting. I will be happy to provide you with everything you need to hang it up – matting, frame, wall fixture – and hang it up in your own home. If you live outside of Austria, I would suggest shipping the painting without fragile frames.

If you like my paintings but don’t have much space at home, then I recommend you order the painting as a fine art print on Artmajeur.

Are you an interior designer or architect looking for a series of paintings? I can produce a series according to your wishes and dimensions in my style. Or you can choose an existing series. Please contact me and we will discuss what I can do for you. For customer buying bulk, there is, of course, a quantity discount.

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Liberated and holistic faith

Faith Dance is not only my English artist name but also a central theme in my life and in my art. I have never regretted my decision as a youth to give a life under God’s guidance a try. Over the years my faith became more liberated and holistic and developed mystical aspects. I also like to express this liberation and wholeness through expressive and worship dance. And so it is not surprising that these topics appear again and again in my paintings and blog entries. 


Thought-provoking impulses of a modern mystic

My life as a modern mystic contains aspects that are in contradiction to the daily agitation and the pressure to perform in our contemporary society. One motto that is becoming increasingly important to me is “Do less, be more”. Therefore my paintings and blog entries are influenced by my listening to God’s voice and living in God’s presence and quiet, as well as prophetic dreams and personal experiences with God in everyday life. 

With the versatility of a renaissance person 

Perhaps it is a result of my innate nature as a researcher and artist that I have so many interests. They used to call it a Polymath or Renaissance man. Leonardo Da Vinci is the most famous example. Even though I am not Leonardo Da Vinci, my versatility is, of course, also reflected in my paintings and my blog entries. I am always fascinated by new ideas and like to experiment with new techniques. Besides my focus on cold wax painting with pigments, sometimes I also paint with other techniques and media, such as the monotype, acrylic painting with painting knives and Fluid Art. 

Frequent themes in my paintings

Communicating as author and translator despite obstacles

My artistic expression is not limited to painting. For example, my love of photography and writing goes back to my childhood. On my blog, you can not only find information about my paintings and exhibitions but also articles about various other topics. Here, too, my focus is on a holistic spirituality as practiced in the Life Model and the Immanuel approach. That is why I found the study of the Celtic Church so rewarding. In addition, other blog posts occasionally include my interests in other cultures and inter-cultural topics, as well as social justice and translation problems. 

In a way, I am a communicator with obstacles. Despite my dyslexia, I learned several languages and worked in linguistics. This may seem contradictory, but it has its origin in a deep-seated desire to communicate. It is out of this desire that I am motivated to translate books and articles from English to German. This is one of the reasons why this website is bilingual, although it means more work. I also have friends in many countries and language groups, with whom I would like to stay in touch.

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