Jutta Bluehberger is a visual artist from Vienna. Born and raised in Vienna. Trained as a plastics technician at the TGM, then two semesters of theology (Vienna) and graduation at a theological seminary in Germany. Language learning programs in England and France in preparation for her work abroad. Work in different capacities in Africa (1993-2016), the last years as cultural anthropology consultant. Part-time graduate studies and graduation in Intercultural Studies in California (MA 2005, PhD 2016).

She is best known for her artistic focus of painting with pigments and cold wax medium. In recent years, this was complimented by the use of textures (mostly with marble dust) and handmade papers from Asia. The most recent series “Weak & Strong” thematizes her grappling with the human striving for perfection, the perfectionism of her family of origin and the beauty that reveals itself precisely not in perfection but in imperfection. Her approach to painting belongs to the genre of process painting.

Already in her youth she showed potential in artistic creation in various genres. However, it was only after a long interruption that she started to work artistically again in 1998. She focused on the visual arts and since then has constantly perfected her artistic skills and forms of expression, first as an autodidact and later under the guidance of Heinz Knapp, Prof. Hannes Baier, Eva Flatscher, Manfred Hebenstreit, Gabriele Musebrink and others. The events that received the most press coverage were the Colorfield Performance in Elst, Netherlands (2021) and the exhibition in the Kollegienkirche in Salzburg (2022) together with Rudolf Brudl. Bluehberger’s artworks are part of private collections on several continents.

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