LKS Advanced Course 3.

In February I took the last but one compulsory course of my art study. There was plenty of theoretical teaching, but we also took time working on several thematic paintings in order to prepare ourselves for the final exam piece which we will produce during out last compulsory course.

Thematic Paintings

In preparation for the final exam piece, we had the opportunity to practice doing other thematic paintings. We received two topics to choose from and then produced a whole series of sketches in a first step. In a second step, we painted the best of these sketches in a more elaborate way, before painting the final version on canvas in a third step.

Topics to choose from

  • Becoming and Waning
  • Ways of Life

In my case, I first decided to elaborate on the sketch about “Ways of Life”. I painted it with watercolor (aquarell) on paper. When I discovered that the focal point was on the wrong side, I did a second pre-painting mirror-inverted but with less detail. Eventually, based on this second pre-painting, I produced the final thematic painting with acrylic on canvas.

After that, I also elaborated on two sketches for the topic “Becoming and Waning” but only to the second step. Both were done with Gouache on paper.

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