Paintings that I sold so far

This is the gallery of paintings that I sold so far. Some people can’t part with their paintings. I am not one of them.

In the beginning, I often gave paintings away as gifts to friends or to the subjects of my paintings (e.g. house owners). I also discovered that I can’t carry around the finished paintings to show them to my friends, so I started photographing them. The next step was to produce prints and copies of photos and glue them on greeting cards for sale (that was before the arrival of digital cameras and color printers). It was a great way for friends to support my artistic activity even when they had no use (or space) for a painting. Soon enough I started selling a few paintings here and there. One big motivation to sell them was my lack of space to hang or even store them. But also the joy of bringing joy to other people!  

Even now my storage possibilities are very limited and therefore I am always looking for a “new home” for my paintings.

Most of the following paintings were sold during the exhibitions of the last few years.

The paintings are grouped according to subject matter: 

  1. Landscapes 

  2. Dance

  3. Christian Motives

  4. Commission Works

  5. Fluid Art

  6. Early Years

  7. Miscellaneous