Sea Yearning – Horizon Series

The Horizonte series is my latest series, which I started in mid-April. I recently met Miss A. Ship and heard for the first time about ship yearning and ship yearning research. That’s when I realized how much the latest series has to do with my sea yearning. Meanwhile, I was at the sea in Croatia, but my sea yearning is still not satisfied.

At least, I brought home many photos and some of them will be the basis for further paintings. Especially the changing colors of the water fascinated me for hours. Maybe that’s a theme for my next series.

Horizon Series

Below you can see some paintings from the Horizon Series. They will be the theme of the upcoming calendar for 2019. From now on you can already pre-order the calendar 2019.

The paintings shown here are all painted in the cold wax technique on high-quality watercolor paper from Hahnemühle. They all have the same size – 56 x 42 cm (22 x 16.5 in). Most of the paintings in this series are still for sale. If you are interested, please contact me.

As you can see, these paintings also picture boats and ships. In this respect, they are suitable both for people with a sea yearning and for ship yearning.