I am presently reading “Seeing is believing” by Gregory A. Boyd (2004). He’s got an interesting point about the importance of picturing spiritual realities with our inner eyes.

In my twenty-three years as a pastor I found that the primary difference between those who love worship and are impacted by worship, on the one hand, and those who never seem to enjoy it or get much out of it,on the other, is not that one group is simply more spiritual or committed than the other. Rather, the fundamental difference, I have found, is that something’s happening in the minds of the first group that isn’t happening in the minds of the other.

In the same way, I have generally found that the difference between those who spend a good deal of time and get a lot out of prayer and those who do not is not necessarily that the first group is more mature and committed than the second group. Rather, they usually pray more because it feels real to them. And the reason it feels real to them is because something is going on in their minds when they pray that tends to be absent in the minds of those of us who find prayer laborious, boring and unreal. … They pray ‘with all five senses.'” p 100 (italics in the original)

I fond this very interesting because it is certainly true for me. But I thought it is just God’s way of communicating with me, based on how he created me, as I am rather visual (painting, photography) and because I am generally thinking in pictures, which I am told is typical for dyslectic people.

Now I am curious what you think about it.
Would you confirm these statements from your personal experience or not?