Watercolor Landscapes (2013).

Paintings with landscapes run like a thread through my artistic work from the beginning. Already the first five watercolors I painted in 1998 were landscapes. 1999 followed a series of watercolor landscapes in the Wachau. In 2013, watercolor landscapes were the theme of an exhibition in Vienna and in 2019 it was Austrian lake landscapes in acrylic spatula technique. The three-part Horizonte series also has landscapes as its theme.

Exhibition 2013 – “In 30 paintings around the world”.

The 2013 exhibition titled “In 30 paintings around the world” featured mostly watercolor landscapes in 30×40 cm format from China to Hawaii.

I started painting this series of watercolor landscapes in August 2013 during a vacation in the Netherlands. Already in the run-up to the exhibition at the YMCA Vienna in November 2013, I sold quite a few and some paintings were created after the exhibition. Individual paintings were created during my studies at the Academy of Fine Arts. The last painting was created in Spring 2016. It was my longest series. In the meantime, more than 50 paintings belong to it.

Most of the paintings were created as plein air painting or based on my own photos. A few had vacation pictures of friends and acquaintances as a basis.

In the following album you can see most of these watercolor landscapes:

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