Rooted. At the end of last year, the painting "Rooted" had found a new home. This week, I finally had the opportunity to see it in its new context and frame. By this I mean not only the spatial frame... Weiterlesen

Joy Dance

Life Model Bite #2 - Joy Dance One of the basic skills taught in the Life Model and at the Thrive conferences is sharing joy with others, and thereby building up the joy center in our brain. It is the... Weiterlesen

Culture and Bible translation

Culture and Bible translation. Jim Wilder brought an interesting example in his webinar of how our culture can even influence a Bible translation. He discovered this when speaking to churches in Poland. His interpreter was very surprised when Jim read... Weiterlesen

Actual Presence

I make it my business to persevere in his Holy presence, wherein I keep myself by a simple attention and a general fond regard to God, which I may call an actual presence of God; or, to speak better, an... Weiterlesen

Joy strength

About two years ago I heard for the first time about the so called joy center in our brain.1 It was fascinating for me to learn how important joy is for the healthy development of our brain and for the... Weiterlesen