Sit With Me – Cold Wax Painting

Sit With Me – Cold Wax Painting

Come, sit with me! The worship time during this service was organized similar to the pilgrimage toward Jerusalem, where pilgrims would start out with lively  praise songs on their way. But when we entered the temple and God's holy presence, their songs became... Weiterlesen

Love Me

Often as I move through my day, trying to navigate the whirlpools of this world, the relational, spiritual and social whitewater, I will often turn to Jesus in my heart and ask, "What do I need to do, Lord?" My... Weiterlesen

Loving Others

Genuine love is so contrary to human nature that its presence bears witness to an extraordinary power. ~ John Piper When I have learned to love God better than my earthly dearest, I shall love my earthly dearest better than... Weiterlesen

Sharing God’s Love

Francis of Assisi said: Don't you know that everybody who encounters you during the day should see something of God's love in you? Is this really possible? Yes, but not through our own effort but by opening the "curtains" our... Weiterlesen

Good or evil?

Good or evil? The following quotes are part of the conversation in “The Shack“ (pp 134-136) that I intentionally left out in my last post. God explains there to Mac why our parameters for deciding what is good and what... Weiterlesen

The Incredible Father

The Incredible Father The Parable of the Incredible Father (Luke 15) The father was not manipulating the son by anything he did. He was only loving the son at the deepest possible level. That love explains why he let him... Weiterlesen

Religious Striving

What would you do today if you knew God absolutely loved you? God knows the answer to this question will lead you further into his life than the striving of religion ever can. from “He loves me!” by Wayne Jacobson,... Weiterlesen

Of course! What else?

Last week I got another interesting insight while reading “He loves me!” by Wayne Jacobsen. The story where Jesus talked to the "businessman" (Lk 18:18ff) - who had asked him what he must do to inherit eternal life, and who... Weiterlesen

How to love imperfect people

Yesterday I found a very interesting reflection on unconditional love. Here is an excerpt: " .... When we love someone without condemnation, by seeing their heart in spite of their behavior, it teaches them that they are valuable and loveable.... Weiterlesen

Fear or love

I just started reading “He loves me!” by Wayne Jacobsen. In the third chapter he brings up the question of what motivates us to follow Jesus - fear of hell or love for God. Unfortunately, it is true that there... Weiterlesen