Anniversary – 20 Years of Painting

Anniversary – 20 Years of Painting

Anniversary - 20 Years of Painting. Today, I am celebrating 20 years of painting. 20 years ago I attended my first watercolor painting workshop at an adult education center in the Siegerland (Germany). At that time I painted my first... Weiterlesen
Steps of Faith in a Storm – Poem

Steps of Faith in a Storm – Poem

Steps of Faith in a Storm - Poem I wrote the poem "Steps of Faith in a Storm" in a very difficult time, when people whom I trusted harassed and hurt me deeply. It's my first attempt of translating a German poem... Weiterlesen
25 Random Things about Me (2015 version)

25 Random Things about Me (2015 version)

25 Random Things about Me (2015 version) Several years ago (2009?), I participated in a Facebook meme. I had fun reading the lists of "25 random things about me" from other friends, so I wrote my own list after being tagged by several.... Weiterlesen

A piece of cake

A piece of cake In this cake filled season, let me add some trivia inspired by a personal experience. This story started more than three years ago, to be exact on my birthday (at the end of September). A German... Weiterlesen

Sharing a meal

This is one of my favorite memories from my time in CAR (Central African Republic). I wrote it for Pictures, Poetry & Prose when the theme was "Sharing a meal". I forgot to check back and discovered only now that... Weiterlesen

New Year’s resolutions #3

Now I really need to make my promise true and share what are my "New Year's resolutions" before January is half over.  Even though I would normally not call them such. As I have mentioned in my last post about... Weiterlesen

New Year’s Resolutions #2

Every since Coffeegirl wrote about New Year's resolutions I kept thinking about it. I commented on her blog: "I am one of those who don't do New Year's resolutions. I am more likely to do resolutions some time during the... Weiterlesen

Language of the heart

Over the last week I pondered what theme I should choose for the worship in our English speaking service this evening. Several songs that the Lord brought to my mind had a similar topic - God as our refuge in... Weiterlesen

God speaks through pain

When I wrote the last entry, I was reminded of a quote that has become very important to me about 10 years ago. Since then I have often quoted it and reflected upon it. "a significant question, that one of... Weiterlesen


We all need security. Some of us more than others. In a talk with a colleague last week I realized how much I am struggling with my present insecurity, incertitude, lack of clarity about the future. I have a hard... Weiterlesen


Since waiting on the Lord is my present "job description" I found the following quote helpful and encouraging: "While waiting upon God we should continue to gather good data, seek godly counsel, and even begin to take action. God often... Weiterlesen


One quote that meant a lot to me during the last year: "The powers of darkness fear the one most who is secure in the love of God." (Adela our speaker of last year's Women's Retreat) How true! And how... Weiterlesen

Death vs. Life

"In God's economy, where ever there is death, there will be life." A friend had heard this statement at a conference. As we talked about it, I realized how much this applies to me and the past months. Yes, there... Weiterlesen

God is at work

For quite some time I wanted to give you an update but could not find the energy to do it. God is at work for which I am truly thankful. Two weeks ago we had our annual women’s retreat and... Weiterlesen