Joy Dance

Life Model Bite #2 - Joy Dance One of the basic skills taught in the Life Model and at the Thrive conferences is sharing joy with others, and thereby building up the joy center in our brain. It is the... Weiterlesen

Belonging and Appreciation

Belonging and Appreciation Yesterday evening I attended the revised Belonging module of the Life Model program. It was taught by Dr. Jim Wilder and I found it very insightful. Two points stood out for me: 1. It is important to... Weiterlesen
Life Model Overview

Life Model Overview

Life Model Overview Maybe you have wondered about this Life Model I keep talking about. The Life Model is "a new paradigm for spiritual and psychological health." It was first described in  "The Life Model: Living from the Heart Jesus... Weiterlesen

Restoring relational circuits

Restoring relational circuits. A few weeks ago I blogged about relational circuits. I included some examples of a longer checklist that help us realize whether our relational circuits are on or off. Here are some more examples: My mind is... Weiterlesen