The 2020 Exhibition in Strobl was cancelled.

Unfortunately, my exhibition in Strobl was cancelled. Yesterday, the members of the “Kreative Vielfalt” would have started to hang the exhibition in the Deutschvilla in Strobl and on Friday the opening would have taken place. But now nothing will come of it. 

It is one of the two exhibitions that were already planned in April and then had to be postponed. Now, unfortunately, the alternate date is also cancelled.

Creative diversity

The “Kreative Vielfalt” is a colorful association of Stroblers, who cover a really wide range in their creative work –including people who carve, turn, decorate cakes, spin dog wool, collect herbs, photograph, knit, make ceramics, design stones, … and of course also a number of painters. 

Exhibitions in 2020

The two other exhibitions planned for this year in Salzburg and St. Gilgen took place on a smaller scale. The joint exhibition of Artforum Salzburg was in June, where one of my paintings was shown. The exhibition of the St. Gilgen group “22 artists in 44 days” took place in July and August, where two of my paintings were exhibited. 

Now I was very much looking forward to the third and biggest exhibition in October. I planned to exhibit about 20 paintings and I prepared myself with diligence for it. The paintings were already selected, the arrangement on the walls was planned provisionally, the missing material for hanging (passepartouts, picture frames, …) had already been ordered …. when the government decided on stricter rules. On the day the picture frames arrived, the “10-person rule” was decided. The final cancellation by the board of directors happened later, but it was already apparent at that time. An exhibition with more than 20 exhibitors can hardly be limited to 10 visitors. 

Cross section 2019-2020

In order that you don’t have to forego the pleasure completely, I present you my paintings in a virtual gallery. Of course, it is not the same as seeing them in real life. But it is a small consolation. 

The paintings are a selection of my work in 2019-2020. They were all created in the period from August 2019 to August 2020 and belong to three different series:

  • IM Series: IM stands for Impressions, Intuitive Painting, I’M. They are all painted in portrait format on watercolor paper and have the uniform size of 50 x 64 cm. I had planned to hang them without passepartout (matting) and frame and offer them at a reduced price. 
  • Acrylic glaze painting: after a course in the old-masterly glaze painting with oil and tempera, I have studied different types of acrylic glaze painting.
  • Underwater landscapes: the paintings of this series are another kind of glaze painting with Acrylics.  

[click on a painting to enlarge, then scroll through the slideshow]

Reduced price

The idea of offering some paintings at a reduced price is based on an initiative by Artmajeur. They initiated an artist support in Corona times and called it “Artist Support Pledge”. The idea is to support artists in times like these. 

The rules of this initiative:

  • The artists submit works for sale for a maximum of 200 EUR.
  • The works are marked with the hashtag #artistsupportpledge on all social networks.
  • If an artist has sold works for more than 1000 USD/EUR/GBP, they also commit to buy a work from another artist! 

I am also participating in this campaign and have reduced several works on Artmajeur below the limit of 200 EUR and marked them with #artistsupportpledge. At the Strobler exhibition, I had planned to offer the paintings from the IM series (which are all portrait paintings) according to the same rules at the reduced price of 190 EUR (225 USD). Even if the exhibition does not take place now, you can buy these paintings at the reduced price (plus shipping costs). You can buy the paintings in my store on Artmajeur or send me a message here:

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