Exhibition at the Berchtoldvilla with the topic “Longing”.

At the beginning of September a group exhibition at the Berchtoldvilla in Salzburg will be opened under the title “Sehnsucht” – “Longing”.

This week the invitations have been sent out. And so I would like to present to you and invite you to this exhibition. The exhibition will include one of my artworks.

Einladung Berchtoldvilla zur Ausstellung Sehnsucht 1
Einladung Berchtoldvilla zur Ausstellung Sehnsucht

Quote from the call for submissions:

Longing, a great word, certainly one of the most intense feelings we humans are capable of. However, a word can only be a bridge, it can never really describe what this feeling is all about.
That’s why it was important to invite people from different cultural backgrounds to this exhibition in order to see if there is a visual approach to this concept and, more importantly, to this feeling. Whether it becomes readable from the works, remains to be seen.

Of importance is that the non-German speaking participants had to name this feeling. The terms that can be seen on the invitation and the poster reflect these feelings.

It was interesting that all of them without exception said that one could not really translate the word from their native language into another language in such a way that it, – the word -, would cover the whole range of this feeling.

Now the exhibition will show whether visual art is a more adequate means of approaching the concept and thus this feeling.

In the end, the feeling will be so universal that only language or visual art will not really be able to describe this sensation in an all-encompassing way. The feeling itself, however, will always be the same.

The conjecture that it can’t really be translated probably rather indicates that it is so strong, seems to be such a “bliss thing”, that we are afraid to lose parts of it through a translation.

Rupert Gredler

As you can see from the invitation, the curators Rupert Gredler and Siglinde Buchmayr have selected quite a number of artists. I am very pleased that one of my artworks will be part of the exhibition.

My contribution to the exhibition Longing

Looking at the theme of the exhibition and thinking about it, I realized how many of my paintings reflect something of this topic. The painting that was chosen for the exhibition is “My Personal S”, which was given the subtitle “Longing for Perfection”.

611201 My Private S
611201 My Private S – Sehnsucht nach Vollkommenheit

This painting is – like so many of my recent works – an exploration of the tension between aesthetic perfection and beauty on the one hand, and on the other hand, the beauty that reveals itself precisely in brokenness and imperfection.

Sincere invitation to the exhibition

I hereby cordially invite you to the opening (Vernissage) on September 9, 2022 at 7:00 pm!

In addition to the welcome by City Councilor Mag. Martina Berthold and board member Elisabeth Schickmayr-Wögerer, as well as the introduction by curator Rupert Gredler, himself an artist, there will also be a dance performance. Olga Dimitraki will dance under the title “There and Here.”

On Saturday September 24, 2022 there will be a guided tour of the exhibition by Anke Fleißner at 2:00 pm.

On Friday September 30, 2022 there will be another dance performance at 7:00 pm, entitled “Longing – Baroque meets Tango”.

In addition, the finissage on October 20, 2022 at 7:00 pm will again feature a dance performance, similar to the opening, by Olga Dimitraki titled “There and Here”.

These are wonderful prospects for people who, like me, love dance. I look forward to seeing you again on these occasions.