Benefit Art Exhibition

In June, a benefit art exhibition took place under the title “Salzburg artists* help Ukrainian hospitals”. Since it has long been a concern of mine to do something for Ukraine, I was very happy to participate.

The benefit art exhibition took place in the premises of the Paracelsus Medical Private University (PMU) in Salzburg. The organizer was the “Ukrainian Center Salzburg”. Mrs. Patricia Voglreiter, MA (artist) and Dr. Michael Lichtenau (senior physician, university professor) initiated this exhibition and set it up in a short time. Many others helped practically and offered their services free of charge. Thus, the entire proceeds of the works could be used for medical supplies for the hospitals in Ukraine.

As expected, various partner organizations and supporters of the campaign were also present at the opening. Among them were the Honorary Consulate of Ukraine in Salzburg, representatives of the regional hospitals and the PMU, St. Mark’s Church, and many others.

Eröffnung der Benefiz-Kunstausstellung
Opening of the Benefit Art Exhibition

45 Artists were participating

Thanks to the efforts of the press photographer Franz Neumayr, we have received many beautiful photos from the event and also a group picture of the participating artists.

Group photo of the participating artists

Wings of Freedom

Of course, I was especially pleased that my painting “Wings of Freedom” found a lover. In this way I was able to make an indirect contribution to Ukraine. This was already my wish at the opening in March, but at that time there was no significant income that I could have donated. In the meantime, my work of art decorates the new apartment of the buyer, a young investment banker from Carinthia in Salzburg.

The benefit art exhibition lasted only a few hours. And so the offer of the City of Salzburg to continue the art exhibition in premises of the city was very welcome. Now there is a possibility to sell also the remaining artworks.