Artist Biography of Jutta Bluehberger

Artist Biography of Jutta Bluehberger
Jutta Bluehberger

Here is the more detailed and factual overview of my artist’s career, starting with early milestones, and continuing with all the exhibitions of my artist’s journey.

1966 (?) – learned to shoot photos with my father’s camera

1974 – got my first camera from my godparents

1975 – did a photo series of picturesque houses in Caorle, Italy

1975 – drawing instructions with Dolf Scheweder during a vacation in Caorle, Italy


May 1998 – started to paint with watercolors during a weekend course in Germany

July 1999 – plein air painting week in Wachau, Lower Austria, with Heinz Knapp

Dec 1999 – first exhibition of my paintings during a book market in Stockerau, Lower Austria

Aug 2011 – 1-week evening course of portrait and figure drawing, with Judith Grosser

Oct 2011 – first solo exhibition with an official opening in Vienna, Austria, mentored by Milan Krkoska – “Paintings from three worlds – European, African and the Spiritual World”

Oct 2012 – acrylics course with Roswitha Nickl, starting to paint with Acrylics

May 2013 – permanent exhibition in the seminar room of  Christian Family Ministry in Breitenaich, Upper Austria

June 2013 – first class at the Leonardo Art Academy (Leonardo Kunstakademie Salzburg) with Elfriede Kotrba (Informel Pastels)

Sept 2013 – started a two-year study program at the Leonardo Art Academy (part-time) under Prof. Hannes Baier

Oct 2013 – participated in the  “Days of the Open Studios” in Upper Austria

Nov 2013 – second solo exhibition with an official opening in Vienna, Austria  – “In 30 Paintings around the World”

Sept 2014 – exhibition at the Atrium Bad Schallerbach, Upper Austria

Nov 2014 – exhibition at the Lutheran Church Graz-Eggenberg, Styria

Feb 2015 – group exhibition at Gallery Nöfe in Wels, Upper Austria

Aug 2015 – small impromptu exhibition in a hotel foyer, in Weißbriach, Carinthia

Nov 2015 – final exhibition of the art academy, at the Schloss Mattsee, Salzburg

Feb 2016 – exhibition together with Dr. Wolfgang Steinmaurer at the Café Kronberg, Scharten, Upper Austria

2014-2018 – permanent exhibition in the seminar room of  Christian Family Ministry in Breitenaich, Upper Austria

Sept-Dec 2019 – exhibition at the Kuchltheater, Bad Ischl, Upper Austria

June 2020 – group exhibition at Artforum Salzburg “Art and Sustainablility”

July/Aug 2020 – group exhibition at the Mozarthaus, Sankt Gilgen, “Around the Lake

April-Dec 2021 – exhibition at Seehotel Brandauers Villen in Strobl “Lakescapes and Color Plays“. 

June 2021The Colorfield Performance in Park Lingezegen, Elst (Netherlands) 

June/July 2021 – group Exhibition Gallery Artforum Salzburg “Breathe a Breath”.

June/July 2021 – anniversary exhibition Kunstakademie Bad Reichenhall (Germany) “Material and Color

October 2021 – group exhibition Creative Diversity at Deutschvilla, Strobl. 

March 2022 – solo exhibition at the Gallery Artforum Salzburg “Aufbruch

June 2022Benefit Art Exhibition, PMU Salzburg 



September 2022 – group exhibition Berchtoldvilla Salzburg “Longing”

November 2022 – exhibition with art colleague Rudolf Brudl in der Kollegienkirche (university church), Salzburg

March 2023 – graduation exhibition of a study course with Gabriele Musebrink, Kolbermoor, Deutschland 

July 2023 – solo exhibition at the Gallery Artforum Salzburg



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