Impressions from the Kollegienkirche.

Even though the opening was more than a month ago, I want to share with you the photographic impressions from the Kollegienkirche. Elisabeth Brudl, the daughter of my artist colleague Rudolf Brudl, was kind enough to capture the opening photographically.

The following is an overview of the program items and the people involved in them.

Kira Tymofeieva (Ukraine) opened the program with an instrumental piece on the organ. Together with Dr. Monica Argentino (Italy) on the saxophone, they provided the musical background for the event. Spontaneously, a visitor from Dresden joined the program with a song performance.

MMag. Christian Wallisch-Breitsching, administrative director of the Kollegienkirche, welcomed the guests and briefly introduced the participants.

Eva Flatscher, internationally active artist, held a very interesting laudation. She gave a brief insight into the lives of the two artists before going into detail about individual paintings.

Afterwards the artists themselves had their say. Rudolf Brudl from Strasswalchen told about the development of the project and thanked all guests, sponsors, participants and helpers of the opening. Jutta Blühberger told about her journey of discovery in the lives of the saints. She also thanked the visitors for coming and explained the practical details for the further process.

In the back of the church there were two laminated sheets to help visitors make a “treasure hunt” out of the exhibition. One sheet showed the positions of the pictures and statutes belonging to them. The other sheet connected ten themes with the respective saints in whose lives these characteristics became visible.

The last contribution came from Father Thomas Bergner, parish provost in Strobl, Abersee, St. Gilgen and Fuschl, who spoke closing words and opened the exhibition.

Close-ups of the artworks and the corresponding introductory texts, quotations and profiles of the saints can be read in separate entries here on the website. The main article about the exhibition in the Kollegienkirche is a good starting point, because all subordinate pages are linked to it.